We are an engineering company specializing in designing and supplying sets of load-bearing and enclosing structures for buildings of various purposes:
  • Agricultural objects
  • Industrial buildings and constructions
  • Power Engineering
  • Shopping and entertainment facilities
  • Warehouses and logistics complexes
Our undeniable advantages in the face of other contractors
Minimum logistics costs

The plant will make the structure near the construction site at a minimum price.

Quality of the project to the smallest detail

Technological production and assembly, attention to nodal connections, the minimum number of elements.

We supply large blocks

Details are few, they are easy to receive, register and store; and it's hard to lose them on the site.

Experienced team

We have a small team, each specialist works in the professional industry for at least 10 years, and we closely monitor our reputation.

«RosUnikonStroy» – design and construction of buildings of light metal structures, prefabricated hangars and warehouses and other structures

Today there is a tendency of development of narrowly focused engineering companies, it is becoming more and more difficult for general design organizations to compete and offer optimal solutions, conduct research, and keep high-level specialists.

Our company has advanced experience in the field of design and delivery of load-bearing steel structures, construction of buildings, prefabricated hangars, warehouses and other structures. When developing project documentation, great importance is given to junctions, fabricability of production and assembly.

Over the years bilateral cooperation with the factories allows us to place orders for the manufacture of LMC with minimal risks in terms of quality and delivery time of products with a high degree of guarantee and to offer a competitive cost.

Completed objects

Our partners

Geography of deliveries