About us

We are an engineering company specializing in designing and supplying sets of load-bearing and enclosing structures for buildings of various purposes: agricultural objects, industrial buildings and constructions, warehouses and logistics complexes, shopping, entertainment and sport facilities.

Our advantages

We work with leading manufacturers

Over the years bilateral cooperation with the MC factories concerning the development of series, the building of technological processes, and various consultations, allows us to place orders with minimal risks in terms of quality and delivery time of products with a high degree of guarantee.

Logistics factor

The location of our partners allows us to significantly reduce the logistics component affecting the final cost of the supplied materials. At the stage of pre-design work, great importance is given to the transport dimensions of the structural elements. Minimal transport shoulder significantly reduces the risks of damage and loss of products during its transportation.

Top quality

When developing project documentation, great importance is given to junctions, fabricability of production and assembly, the minimum number of elements.

Bargaining with assemblers

The designs provide a minimum number of connections, absence of welding operations, simple assembling units. The listed features of the delivered structures allow to significantly increase the speed of installation works and perform works by less qualified personnel without reducing the quality of the performed work. According to the feedback of the installation organizations, our constructions are easy and nice to install.

Cheaper foundations

In the design of load-bearing structures, special attention is also paid to reducing loads, the moments transferred to the foundations and, as a result, reducing the costs for their implementation.

The structures are supplied in large pieces

We supply large blocks, and as a result details are few, they are easy to receive, register and store; and it’s hard to lose them on the site. Time spent on finding and installing parts of structures is significantly reduced.


We have a small team, each specialist works in the professional industry for at least 10 years, and we closely monitor our reputation.