Company History

Our company was created as a division of one of the most experienced design companies in Russia – UNIKON. Our department specialized in supplying metal and enclosing structures. Our parent company has a very detailed website so we would like to place only a brief description here.

Unikon was found more than 30 years ago, initially as a part of SouzLegKonstruktsia company in USSR and then as a separate enterprise. All these years company employees have been dedicating themselves to the aim of perfection of steel structure buildings. The company was the first to develop main types of steel structures that are used in production of most standard components nowadays.

From the very beginning Unikon was more than just a design company. It was a research organization with its own testing facility. Current generation of company inherits not only maths and theories, but also the results of all the innovations reliability and structural adequacy tests. Our own wind-tunnel facility allows us to carry out any wind and snow loading tests.

The Company Chief Executive Officer Viktor Vasilevich Katushin is one of the most honoured members of steel structure design society. His book “Buildings with variable cross-section frames” (Stroyizdat, 2005) is an essential part of processing complicated buildings with low metal consumption proportioning.

Generally speaking, the company has made great progress in long-span buildings construction with a height up to 108 meters, and all the results are used extensively in constructions of industrial buildings, warehouses and etc.

In 2012 a department of metal and enclosing structure supplying became a separate subdivision, which is now called RosUnikonStroy.