Buildings, structures and complexes based on metal constructions for agriculture

At the beginning of 2013, a new strategic document for local farmers was introduced, the new state program for the development of agriculture until 2020 entered into force. The planned result of the implementation of the program is the almost complete self-sufficiency of food with the displacement of imported products.

The company RosUnikonStroy LLC, relying on thirty years of experience in research and design of load-bearing structures, offers modern solutions in the design of load-bearing structures.

Thanks to bilateral cooperation with the factories producing both metal and enclosing structures, we are able to place orders with minimal risks in terms of quality and delivery time.

Our design solutions will reduce the customer’s costs for the purchase of materials, accelerate the project startup due to low metal content of the supplied structures, high degree of factory readiness, low loads on the foundations and time spent on assembly work compared to traditional and Light steel thin-walled structures.

Constructions of RosUnikonStroy LLC, in contrast to Light steel thin-walled structures, are conveniently washed and significantly reduce the time and costs of materials during room sanation due to the small surface area of the sections, the absence of open shelves, the trays in which dust, dirt, and biodust accumulate; and allow extending the life of the complex as places of biodust accumulation are much smaller.

Thanks to modern paint and varnish coatings, we were able to protect metal structures effectively from corrosion up to 5-7 years without renovation, unlike Light steel thin-walled structures, and the damaged coating is easily repaired.