Design and construction of industrial and manufacturing buildings and facilities


RosUnikonStroy LLC renders services of designing and constructing industrial and manufacturing buildings and facilities. We can create new, inexpensive, and completely functional buildings for shop floors, equipment, working stations, warehouses, etc. within a short time.

Our company erects constructions made of metal. Their advantages are obvious: they are time-proof, reliable, and convenient for use. And the most important thing is that it takes very little time to erect them. Designing and constructing of one building or facility will take from several weeks to several months, depending on the area and complexity of the construction.

Cost of work

In addition to the described advantages, industrial and manufacturing facilities made of metal structures have one more significant strong point: their cost is relatively low, especially if compared with constructions of reinforced concrete, bricks, or blocks. For instance, the erection of a shop floor or a warehouse on the basis of metal framing will cost 3 or 4 times less than in case of using other technologies.

Production process

We specialize in designing and delivering of fabricated metal structures to the client’s site. Initially, we create the design project of the future building, taking into account all the client’s preferences. At this stage, we calculate the area of the building and, on the basis of the building’s future purpose, choose its configuration, location of utility systems, and other details.

Wide choice

Due to our expertise and large experience in building of different production facilities, we can design and construct industrial buildings with various functions. With us, you can put into service your engineering building, vehicle hangar, warehouse, or any other facility. We provide guarantees for all types of services.

Feel free to contact our managers, and we will answer all your questions concerning design and construction of industrial and manufacturing buildings and facilities.