Design and construction of shopping centers and malls

Trade and entertainment

It is impossible to imagine a modern city without big shopping and entertainment centers and malls. RosUnikonStroy LLC designs and builds shopping centers and malls that can house stores, boutiques, hypermarkets, cinemas, and other facilities of entertainment business.

We specialize in construction of metal-structure buildings. Application of this technology is extremely popular nowadays. Thousands of trading companies in Russia have already received the benefits from its use. Light and strong framing enables to create a shopping and entertainment center or mall of any size in the shortest possible time.

Technology of constructing shopping centers and malls

In short, the construction technology includes the three stages: integral design, production of load-bearing frame and supplementary materials, assembly and installation.

The specialists working in RosUnikonStroy LLC have been designing and erecting different shopping and entertainment centers and hypermarket buildings for a long time. During this time, we have managed to acquire invaluable experience and create many facilities that are successfully functioning and generating profits for their owners.

In our work we apply the unique technology of building metal-structure facilities. This technology is inexpensive, functional, and simple. That is why the erected buildings are time-proof, efficient, and ready for immediate use.

If necessary, we can build a facility with several floors and provide for various decorative elements.

What can be made of metal frame?

Our technology can be used in construction of buildings with different functions. For example, we have experience in designing and constructing shopping and entertainment centers and malls housing cafes, pizza restaurants, billiard rooms, greenhouses, beauty salons, etc.

All the details are considered during the construction, which will enable trading and servicing organizations to operate without fails in future.

Advantages of working with us

Ordering the construction of metal-frame buildings, you can be sure that your facility will be completed on time. We guarantee the quality of our services and their optimal cost.

Feel free to contact our managers, and we will answer all your questions concerning design and construction of shopping centers and malls.